Why should I use an octane booster?

Using an Octane Booster increases the octane of the fuel. Higher octane fuel protects the motor by reducing pre-ignition, detonation and pinging. using NF Octane Boosters results in a smoother running engine, increased fuel economy, better power and performance and reduced carbon build up.

Running higher octane allows the vehicle timing to be advanced and turbo boost pressure to be increased, resulting in better power and efficiency. In modern vehicles the ECU will detect the better fuel and make adjustments itself, other vehicles can be tuned on a dyno to take advantage of the better fuel. In fact, even modern vehicles can benefit hugely by tuning for the better fuel.

Can I add NF Octane Booster to any fuel?

NF Octane Booster is good for use in any petrol vehicle and is compatible with unleaded, LRP(Lead Replacement Petrol) and leaded petrol. NF recommends using the highest available octane pump fuel to give the best gains.

NF Octane Booster or race fuel?

Commercial race fuels tend to be very expensive and hard to find. Using NF Octane Boosters can give you higher octane and better performance than some race fuels with the added convenience that comes with only having to transport a few small, non-flammable bottles. Also, laws often prohibit transporting more than a few litres of fuel in your vehicle, meaning that carrying tins of 20 litres or more is illegal. Also, race fuels do not carry road tax as pump fuels do, which makes using race fuel in street vehicles illegal.

How much octane do I need?

You should run high enough octane to eliminate any detonation in your engine. If the octane level is too high for your vehicle, the fuel will burn too slowly and your car will start to lose performance. Running the correct octane will have your engine running at it’s most efficient, delivering the best power.

Will octane booster damage my engine?

No, higher octane fuel protects an engine from detonation(knocking/pinging), thereby extending the life of the engine.

What is detonation / knocking / pinging / pre-ignition?

Due to high temperatures and compression, petrol can ignite before the spark plug is fired. This occurs while the piston is still moving upward and is the equivalent of hitting the piston crown with a large hammer. Every time a vehicle knocks, damage is done to the piston and it is only a matter of time till the piston fails. The higher the octane of the petrol, the higher its resistance to knock.

My spark plugs have gone a rusty/orange colour. Is this normal?

Yes, just as unleaded fuel leaves black deposits on spark plugs and leaded fuel leaves white deposits, NF treated fuel leaves a rusty coloured deposit.

Will NF Octane Booster foul my spark plugs?

NF Octane Boosters will not foul spark plugs if the dosage instructions are followed. If the fuel is overdosed, spark plug fouling may occur. This is picked up as a misfire which is caused by excessive deposits on the spark plugs. The spark plugs can simply be replaced or cleaned with emery paper.

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