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The Australian Fuel additive for the world.

The results are not only just in performance with more power gains, but better throttle response and fuel economy, smoother, cooler running engines and easier starting.

We at Nitrous Formula have achieved some amazing results and credentials with testing of the ingredients by the following companies

  • Shell Australia under the ASTM D4057 and the result
  • Ford USA for the contaminant retention, safety and catalyst performance.
    Passed the BMW NA/SwRI IVD test under the ASTM D 5500-98.
  • Tested by Ford Australia under the AS 2877 for fuel economy in both highway and city cycles and
  • reduction in emissions.
    Passed the MIRA test for valve seat protection.
  • Octane Number improvments were gained by the ASTM D2699 Method.


  • A safe environmentally friendly octane booster
  • Prevents carbon buildup
  • Keeps valves and combustion chambers clean
  • Engine is easier to start and runs smoother
  • Gives more power and better fuel economy
  • Reduces Knocks, Pinging and Hesitation
  • Designed and made in Australia