NF Race Octane Booster is Recommended for Everyday use in high performance cars

NF Race Octane boosters are not just another ordinary octane booster the ingredients are very different which set us apart from ANY other fuel additive company.

Our octane boosters:

  • Instantly increase octane rating by up to 6 Ron
  • IEliminates detonation / knocking / pinging / pinking
  • Increases acceleration & performance
  • Reduces hesitations & engine temperatures
  • Can be used in any hydrocarbon fuels
  • Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic convertors
  • Treats up to 300 litres or 6 tanks, ideal at these rates for everyday use.
  • Includes Viscon – An Upper Cylinder lube combustion and chamber stabilisation.

Directions for use:

SHAKE BOTTLE before use.

  • For High compression and performance engines or to turn 98 into 101 add 3ml per litre, You may need to advance engine timing.
  • For motorbikes, jet skis and other two stoke engines add up to 2ml per litre. Nf is safe to use in all hydrocarbon fuels. For full strength one bottle will treat 60L of fuel.
  • Valve Seat Recession protection (VSP).  Add a minimum of 1ml per litre of fuel. Treats up to 350ml.
  • Alternative to leaded fuel. Add a minimum of 1ml per litre of fuel. Treats up to 350ml.

In older engines NF Recommends the use of Super Street with cleaners prior to the use of race formula to gain full benefits.

Performance in a bottle.  Every engine needs it!