Australian Made Products Making a Difference

NF is a great product and perferct for customers that do a few track days as they get the extra power without having to buy expensive fuels.

Lane Heenan Race Torque - Perth WA

Not many products line up to their claims but NF 7in1 does just that and when customers notice the difference after my service well that's great too!

Andrew Boxer Service - Brendale QLD

I noticed the difference as soon as I went for a drive

Tony Barbagallo Car Sales - Perth WA

I have never been a fan of fuel additives but 'Nitrous Formula' really works

Geoff Kendrick - Kendrick Racing - Osborne Park WA

After two weeks of problems with our Aston Martin we tried Nitrous Formula and astonishingly, the problems have disappeared. Truly amazing - it had to be seen to be believed

Eric & Jason Matz - Auto Europe - Midvale WA

We have set and broken the WORLD 1/4 mile RECORD 4 times since we started using Nitrous Formula

Tony & Domonic Rigoli - WRX Subaru , Tony Rigoli Performance - Gold Coast QLD

It's fantastic, it really works

Herbet Haug - The Star Shop - Osborne Park WA

The best fuel additive I've ever used

Darrell Pitcher - Swedish Car Company - Welshpool WA

It gave me 9 HP extra @ the wheels in my VT Senator

Steve Daviot - VT Senator - Myree Dyno Tune - Myree WA

I'm very impressed with your product, I can't believe the results

Ron Rosenberg - Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycle - USA

To tell you honestly, it really blew my head away

Kenny Ho - Esprit Auto's - Malaysia

We use it in every bike we service, it really works

Wayne Patterson Motorcycle Cantre - Bunbury WA

It's the best booster I have ever used

John Penlington - Unique Auto Sports - Sydney NSW

Gave me more power & better fuel economy

Kelly Manuel - Skyline GTS - Modburn North - SA - Morpowa Auto Centre

The engine just runs so smooth and crisp

Dave Carra - Lotus Elise - Melbourne VIC

Money well spent

Chris Matisons - Race Torque - Osborne Park WA

I have never used such an amazing product. It's absolutely fantastic

Mark Wilson - Wilson's Auto Service Centre - Walliston WA

It has reduced the amount of smoke my car normally shows.
My car runs so much smoother and i get much better fuel economy

Rebecca West - Alexander Heights WA

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