Australian Made Products Making a Difference

NF products contain Viscon an upper cylinder lubricant and fuel stabiliser which gives EVEN fuel burn, reducing vibration, pre-ignition, pinging and overheating.


Using an Octane Booster increases the octane of the fuel. Better octane fuel increases the efficiency of the engine* resulting in better power and peformance, better fuel economy, smoother running, and protects the motor by reducing pre-ignition, detonation and pinging. Carbon build up is also reduced.

* Higher octane fuel allows the timing to be advanced resulting in better efficiency. Modern vehicles will detect the better fuel and adjust the timing themselves, other vehicles can be tuned on a dyno to take advantage of the better fuel.

Why NF Octane Booster?

There are many ways to increase the octane of your fuel. NF is however the easiest, most convenient and safest method. The bottles are small and easy to transport, especially on long trips when you don't want large containers in your boot. The bottles have a long thin neck making it easy to pour into your petrol tank without any mess - no siphoning. NF is non-flammable, so it is safe to transport, even in large quantities.

How is it used?

NF Octane Booster is simply added to your petrol tank before you fill up with petrol, ensuring a good mix.

Which product should I use?

See our products page for information on the different products and suggested uses.

Where can I get it?

NF Octane Boosters are available through stockist worldwide. Use our Availability Map to find your nearest stockist.

Are there any side effects?

NF Octane Boosters are safe to use on all petrol engines and will not damage oxygen sensors and catalytic converters on unleaded vehicles.

Need more information?

If you need more information, feel free to Contact Us.